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Agriculuture Awareness Day

Where can you see over 650 4th & 5th grade students smiling and enjoying their lessons for the day?

Agriculture Awareness Day!

Calaveras County Farm Bureau invites all 4th & 5th grade teachers to bring their students out to the Calaveras County Fairgrounds for Agriculture Awareness Day.


Ag Day is a unique opportunity for the students to be exposed to how products and services that are in their every day lives and homes are grown and made, even right here in Calaveras County!


There is a lot of planning, orchestrating and energy that goes into making this day happen. Our Ag Day coordinator Rosemary Giannini coordinates 20-25 presenters and then makes schedules for each classroom to rotate to a variety of stations, each focused on a different aspect of agriculture. We are very fortunate that most of our presenters have been sharing their product or service year after year, so they know the ropes. 


Agriculture Awareness Day allows children in the community to have hand-on experience learning about agriculture in a safe environment. 

Ag Day 2019  will be on March 14th! Want to be a presenter? Contact us!

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